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Bridge International Group will act as a subsidiary partner to Bridge Investment Group and will provide on-demand support for new U.S. Permanent Residents as they transition to their new life. 


The Company provides a full range of high-touch support services, including: ​

  • U.S branch office for Bridge Investment Group. The company will act as the mainland U.S. branch office for Bridge Investment Group and will either provide or procure all necessary services for its parent firm, including establishing relationships with vendors and service providers as well as recruiting and hiring talented staff for New York's labor pool. The Company will also look for investment opportunities for BIG in New York and will support its parent firm's investment in commercial hospitality, and educational properties in New York State. Finally, BIG is considering an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange. Bridge International Group will provide a U.S. mainland location to facilitate this listing.​​

  • High-end Relocation support. Bridge International Group will offer onsite destination research, neighborhood selection, school district screening, and residential and commercial real estate search. Bridge International Group will also provide consulting services on investment and business opportunities. ​

  • Education consulting. The Company will help investors find suitable schools for their children, navigate the application process, and prepare students for academic success in the United States.​

  • International investment intelligence. Many Americans are excited to invest in emerging markets in Asia and China. Bridge International Group will consult with potential investors regarding the law, finance, accounting, investment opportunities, and construction material supply overseas, limiting risk while maximizing international market intelligence for investors. Some of these services will be provided by external contractors. ​

  • Tourism support. The Company will provide tourism resources for U.S. residents interested in visiting the Marianas Islands.